I. B. Patel English School (Govt. Granted)
I.B.Patel English School,Vallabh Vidyanagar | Trust Activities

Objective of Trust

The Objective of the Mandal are to provide facilities for primary, secondary and higher education and to conduct teaching and research in all branches of learning including technology and to promote vocational and technical educaton which would be helpful in ameliorating the condition of the people in general and to promote physical Education Sport, Gymnasium activities and other related activities.

1. The Mandal's institution shall be open to all persons without distinction of caste, colour or creed.

2. To achieve the objects mentioned in Rule 1, the Mandal may take up the following and the like activities :

(a) To start Arts,Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medical and Technical College.

(b) To incorporate, manage or affiliate institutions on conditions agrreable to the parties concerned.

(c) To institute diplomas in various courses of studies, and to start diploma classes with a view to giving practical training.

(d) To start activities which will encourage cottage industries and supply remunerative work to students.


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